CCS to CCUS: NEORI at the Wyoming EOR Institute’s CO2 Conference

by NEORI on July 24, 2012

Richard Garrett, Energy and Legislative Advocate for the Wyoming Outdoor Council and NEORI participant, discussed the Council’s perspective on CO2-EOR and NEORI as part of a panel at the University of Wyoming Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute’s 6th Annual CO2 Conference.

Below are two excerpts of Mr. Garrett’s remarks.  Click here for the entirety of the remarks.

“…the National Enhanced Oil Recovery Initiative saw an opportunity. C2ES and the Great Plains Institute brought together a diverse universe of stakeholders including industry leaders, decision-makers, academics, regulators, and yes, even environmentalists. Some examples include Arch Coal, AFL-CIO, Tenaska Energy, state legislators (Texas and Montana for example), General Electric, the Clean Air Task Force, West Virginia Public Service Commission and of course the Wyoming Outdoor Council —and by the way, you can learn more about all of this including our accomplishments to date, white papers, and participants at

The initiative kicked off in earnest last year about this time with an intense two day meeting in Washington D.C. There, we (about 40 folks), worked through the broad outline of what an initiative might look like and how in a polarized world we could work collaboratively to craft a policy which, if adopted on a national scale, would encourage the further development and deployment of CO2-EOR.

We identified these objectives:

  • Capture CO2 from industrial sources.
  • Ship the CO2 through an expanded infrastructure.
  • Use the CO2 to recover an otherwise stranded resource in existing brownfields.
  • Store —dare I say, sequester—the CO2 permanently.
  • And do all this with the creation of, for a limited time frame, a tax structure that could jump-start the opportunity.”

“The initiative’s participants have met two more times since that first meeting in D.C. and we have had weekly conference calls to continue to craft the policy initiative.

As you might imagine, there have been stumbles along the way, but we are glad to report that we have completed Phase I of the initiative and are now well underway with Phase II where we are at the point where key members of Congress—supporters of the initiative—almost/nearly/maybe/certainly will craft legislation that will support the public/private partnership that the initiative has championed.

Still to be fully fleshed out are 45Q tax issues, something that my fellow panelist Mike Moore referred to and not my realm of expertise but a crucial component for the success of the initiative.

As I close, I want to ask upon everyone here today one thing (much in the same way I embrace the many benefits of energy development). I ask that you embrace the value of our organization’s mission—namely, good stewardship with the goal of offering our children the same gift given to us. To me one of the key components of that will be to trust but verify the key components of the policy initiative, namely:

CO2-EOR must capture, use and store industrially produced CO2. I ask you to collaborate with us on these objectives. I pledge our organization’s continued involvement and point to an example of our good faith about which you may, or may not know.”

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